Jul 7, 2010

No French Braid Waterfall Braid!

"Topsy Tail Waterfall Braid"
I know lots of you have been wanting to try the floating french braid (or waterfall braid) but haven't yet mastered french braiding. Here's an alternative "cheat" for you! Quick, easy, and absolutely no french braiding required. Hope you like!
floating french braid The how-to hairstyle video.......
And, the picture tutorial:

Begin with an off-center section on top...
Make a braid on each side of her head and connect in the back.
Part the section on top in half. Starting on either side, take a small section of hair in front and bring it through the braid with a topsy tail. (If you don't have a topsy tail, you can find one here

Here's what it will look like with the first section completed. Continue taking sections and bringing them through the braid all the way back on both sides of the part.
The finished "non-french floating waterfall braid".....
waterfall braid Of course, we needed to add a cute flower to finish it off. I'm loving flowers in little girls hairstyles lately! So sweet and feminine....
hairstyle with flower
fairytale french braid
fairytale braid
The tutorial for the "double floating non-french braid" shown at the end of our video will be coming soon! :)