May 17, 2010

Twist Hairstyle For Short Hair - Video Tutorial

Now that the Princess's hair is shorter, we'll probably be posting more simple and quick hairstyles. My opinion is: With short hair, less is more. I think her hair looks adorable just left down and I don't really want to take away from her cute new A-Line haircut with a crazy style. Hopefully you won't be bored to tears. :) We also have several long styles that we did before the cut that I'll post here and there for those of you with longer hair.

Ready for our very first short hairstyle post? A fun twist hairdo that took all of 5 minutes.

I just parted out two cornrows at an angle and used our rat tail twisting technique (video below) in each section. Quick and Easy!
twist hairstyle
quick and easy hairstyle I love this style because her hair is mostly down, but still held away from her face for the most part. I think this hair style would be cute on a little girl, tween, or teenager. Maybe even a mom.
hairstyle for short hair We had a request for a video showing how to do these tiny twists with a rat tail comb that we posted awhile back in picture form. (You can click on that link if you prefer pictures over video.) Or if you like video tutorials, enjoy!