May 24, 2010

Ribbon Lacing For Short Hair

Can I just say that we're both loving the Princess's new short locks? I'm especially liking this cute laced hairdo on her! I think it has to be another one of my favorites. It's just really feminine and sweet.
cute hairstyle ideaI love using ribbon in our hairdos and we've done several similar ribbon hairstyles on the blog with her long hair previously. This is just a quick and cute new lacing version that will work for girls with short hair as well as long.

Start by making a side part and then parting out two rectangular sections directly underneath it. Then make a regular elastic braid in each section. (I did three sections in each row, you can do more if you want.)

Now you can sew in the ribbon. I'm guessing you probably already know how to do the lacing, but we added in a video at the bottom of this post just for fun if you need it.

And no, you're not color blind. This picture was actually taken on a different day than we did the original pictures with the silver ribbon. For some reason I didn't get a decent picture of the side the first time.

corset hairstyle
little girl hairstyle
a line hair cut
hairstyle using ribbons Here's our video showing how to lace the ribbon if you need it..........

Oh gosh, I don't think I'll ever get used to hearing my own voice on these videos. LOL It's just weird and I'm completely self conscious that I sound like a total dork. Am I the only one who has video/audio fright?? I really am a nerd.