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Hair Needed To Clean Up Oil Spill

I wasn't planning on posting anything tonight, but I just saw this and felt the need to pass it along. So, here's my PSA for the day: If you're planning on getting your hair cut anytime soon, you may be able to make a difference by helping to clean up the recent oil spill in the Gulf Coast!

I just saw a news story and video from Matter Of Trust (you can click on that link if you want to watch the video) about how human hair and even pet fur clippings are being used to make "hair mats" and "nylon hair booms" (hair stuffed into recycled nylons) to soak up the oil. It sounds a little strange, but apparently hair is super absorbent and it works!

You don't need to have long hair to do this either. Even short hair from a trim can be used.

I feel really sad about what is happening to our oceans/animals right now and this is a small, easy, painless thing that can be done to make a huge difference. Who knew we had a natural renewable resource growing right on top of our heads?

SO, if you're going to be getting a cut soon..... maybe let your salon know about this. I'm guessing lots of salons are throwing away tons of hair that could be used!

Ok, and now that I've had my "tree hugging moment." Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!! I hope you're having a fun, relaxing and enjoyable day with your families. I know I hope to be!

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  1. I saw a news story about this on the Today show. I thought it was amazing!!!! I never knew you could do that with hair.

  2. Okay that is so freaking awesome!!! Andy and I are both amazed by that- thank you for sharing.

  3. My dad is a barber, I'll let him know as he definitely has tons of hair to spare.

  4. I am collecting at The Beauty Shoppe in Newark, OH if anyone wants to drop any pantyhose or hair off to me!


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