Apr 12, 2010

Baptism Pictures

We had a few requests wanting to see which baptism hairstyle ended up being chosen for the special baptism day on Saturday.

Here you are!

She ended up doing some french braids on the top half of her hair and pulling the rest into pigtails. These pictures were taken before the baptism.

I love how excited and happy she looks in these pictures (along with her adorable little sister.) Aren't they both so cute?

This one was taken after the baptism. The braids held up to going under the water perfectly!

My friend wanted to pass along a huge THANK YOU to everyone for their ideas and suggestions. She says it made for an easy, stress free moment.

I also enjoyed watching all the ideas pop up on facebook, in email and in the comments. I'm amazed at all the hairstyles you guys came up! Thank you again!!