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Baptism Hairstyle Challenge

A good friend of mine has a daughter who will be getting baptised on April 10th. In our religion when someone is baptised, they go completely under the water (drenched from head to toe.) Usually this is followed by some kind of a family gathering and pictures.

My friend will only have a few minutes to do her daughter's hair while everyone is waiting and of course she wants her daughter to look and feel beautiful and special on this special day and for her baptism pictures.

My friend challenged me to come up with a quick and cute hairstyle for the baptism and I'm coming up with a whole lotta nothing spectacular!!

I did find these pictures I took one day after my daughter had gone swimming last summer. I just did this as an experiment to see how well french braid pigtails would hold up in the pool. This may work! Before she got in the pool the ends of the braids where down. Then when she got out I brought the ends up to the base with an elastic and just "fluffed" them a little.

As you can see, the braids don't look perfect after being in the water, but they held up pretty well! Maybe the best thing would be to braid her hair before she gets baptised and hope for the best??

baptism hairstyle

french braids for a little girl french braid pigtails picture
Anyway, since I pretty much sucked at this challenge, I'm passing it on to all of YOU! :) If anyone wants to take it on, here's the "rules."

1. So that you have an idea of texture and length: Her hair looks like this (no bangs in the front.) The style needs to be doable on her hair.......

2. It needs to either be something that can be done before the baptism and hold up to going under water or...

3. It's got to be quick (5 minutes or less.)

4. Remember, we're working with dripping wet hair here and no time for curling irons or blow dryers.

5. Post your ideas to our facebook page (she can see them there) or send them to me in email before April 9th and I'll add them to this post (princesshairstyles at gmail dot com.) I'm sure she'll appreciate any ideas you can give her!

We've had some great ideas submitted already.
Btw, I absolutely love this first picture. How adorable!!

For instructions to this one, go here. I'm thinking this style would hold up great under water.

These next 6 pictures were sent in by a new hair blogger: Dreamweaver Hair Design she has some amazing braiding skills! Any one of these would be darling.

This next one is cute and we've even got step by step pictures! The person who sent in this idea says you could either leave the hair down (with the braids tied together in the back) for the baptism and then add the bun after. Or do the whole hairstyle before the baptism. My guess would be that it would work either way and hold up just fine.

There have been several great ideas submitted to our facebook page as well, so be sure to check those out. THANK YOU for taking the time to submit your pictures!!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. My instinct is to go with a nice tight French braid.

  2. When my daughter got baptized I just did two french braids before and it looked great.

  3. Ditto. When my older daughter was baptized, we did the nice french braid and it looked beautiful after. When the second daughter was baptized, she has short hair, so it wasn't a big deal. We just brushed it after and it was beautiful. They both have curly hair. I remember my mom did the french braid that goes around your head with a side bun. It stayed nicely.

  4. Okay, I feel silly now because your daughters swam in french braids look better than the braids I work forever on, on my own girls!!

  5. French braids! Also wanted to let you know that your basket weave hairstyle was a huge hit at church yesterday. Both of my girls got tons of compliments and I got lots of "how did you DO that?" I gave you all the credit of course! One of the older girls even asked if I would help her do her hair for prom. Oh my goodness! This was humorous to me because all I do to my own hair is brush it and maybe spray a little goo on it if it sticking out crazy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Thanks my dear friend. I really appreciate it. I just wish her hair was a tad bit longer. It would makes things a lot easier. I'll keep checking back on added ideas. You are the best!!!

  7. My daughter did swim lessons last year, and what I found worked well was double french braids, as you mentioned, or rows of small elastics leading to another row pulled into a ponytail or braid at the nape of her neck. Her hair tends to be wispy anyway, so more elastics are better!

  8. E-mailed you some ideas. FB was not being nice to me today :D

    This is what I did for baby Mermaids baptism, it stayed in really well, she got baptized with the white bows in and then we swapped them out for white flowers! it was really cute!

  10. I just did a cute ponytail and then after she got out I smoothed it and made the pony into a cute messy bun.

  11. We went swimming today, before I'd read your post, wish I'd read it before because we use your elastic braid hairstyle finished with pigtails which we convert to messy buns after swimming and they work brilliantly. My daughter has shoulder length wavy blonde hair which is still very wispy (she didn't have any much hair till she was 2)... We go swimming often and after discovering your site I have found that the Elastic Hairstyles work best for us because the rows of elastics catch all the wisps. I would suggest either an elastic hairstyle with 2 pigtails which can then be turned into messy buns after dunking or the wormy weave with the same.

  12. My mom did the same double braids you showed and then criss-crossed white ribbon through the center. I still remember how special I felt with my white ribbons in my hair :)

  13. I can tell you what I did for my daughter's hair on Sat. night for Easter Vigil service. It got tons of compliments, held up great(even through a soaking rainstorm--almost as if we were submerged!), and still is holding up today! I used ideas from 3 different hair blogs. I love Girly Do's "X Marks the Spot" do, but have trouble french braiding, so I used Do's to Choose twist braid "X Marks the Spot made easy" version. Then, Babes in Hairland taught us how to make these really cute flower hair pins, so I made those and tucked them in the top of each twist braid where I did a pull through. It made almost like a flower crown and looked really sweet. You could leave the flowers out before the baptism, and then just tuck them in right afterward before you take the pictures.

  14. Thanks for the ideas, my daughter is getting baptized on Sat. the 10th too. I have been trying to come up with sometime, sounds like a lot of people like the double french braid.

  15. I really like your blog's concept. A blog for princess hair styles! Great idea.. You are not one of boring and standart hair sites..

  16. My daughters hair is not that long anymore. She wanted a change so it's shoulder length now! I sent her off to a swim day for school and knew her hair would get in her face and wanted her not to have to worry about brushing it out after. So I just put from front to back 3 or 4 ponies (that are attached to the one behind it) going back on each side of her head and she came home from school looking the same as when she left and all she would have to do is add a bow to the end of each pony. Picture ready! or the french braids that are TIGHT would stay in and look sweet as well!

  17. My dd is getting baptized that day too. Thank you for the ideas.

  18. I've done one that I really love. It's just simple, but it doesn't take anything away from the experience and just adds pure beauty. I start by parting the hair right down the middle. And the section both sides of the "half parts" in half creating 4 equal sections. Then I simply start at the lower part of the right hand top section (right by the ear) and start french braiding (inside or outside) to create a crown, rounding off the head and adding in the new sections as you come to them. I finish off the braid by braiding down to the end of the hair and wrapping that "tail" back into the crown. Secure with pins. A simple white flower barret finishes everything off. It's a pure and simple do, but I love it. You can take the barrett out for the baptism and quickly shove it right back in. I did this for a friend and she loved!!!! it. The next day she wore her hair down, long and wavy from the braided crown! This is the "baptism" do in my book! Good luck!

  19. I say forget the braids, it takes too long. Here are my 2 suggestions. One - Part the hair to the side instead of down the middle like you do for the braids. Part from the top of the head down to the ear. Gather up one side and braid with 3 strands in a traditional braid. Half way down the hair put a rubber band. Do the same to the other side. Pull everything up into a pony tail. This will have the front braids coming to the pony tail making a nice little type of crown. Take a scrunchy and wrap the pony tail as if you were making a pony tail but on the last loop, keep some of the hair inside (creating a loop of hair and spray out the loose ends). This is a 5 minute do that lasts all day when using gel. Another suggestion is a faux braid where you part down the middle, make 2 little pony tails at the top. Take the hair from the right one and create a new pony tail under the left one and add the hair from the right tail to it. Do the same on the left. Keep going all the way down. I got the idea from one of your hair styles but you used ribbon instead and I didn't have any. Good Luck!

  20. i sent some e mails but forgot to mention that she could easily do a messsy bun instead of my bun style. victoria has swim on fridays for gym class at school and last week i put a french braid going up the back, 1 on each side in the front like the emails show, and then pulled it all up into a high "normal" messy bun and it looked great when i picker her up.

  21. hmmmm... with it going in water, I wanna say to do some fishbone braiding... and for a baptism... maybe make it go around her head... and of course, incorporate some ribbons.

  22. i love that circle one with the purple ribbon. GORGEOUS!

    you know kori, do you have any advice for a child w/ a tender head?


  23. I am thinking that this little girl if her baptism is about putting her faith in Christ - being willing to live and die for Jesus should have more focus - much more focus on Jesus than she should about all the folks who will comment on her unusal braid. Seems to me these braids will draw attention to HER and away from the meaning of baptism.
    Also, just wondering how your religion handles the Bible?

    1Pe 3:3 "Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; "

    Can we read the Bible and take it at it's word?

  24. I am not worried about how cute she'll look...because she is a natural beauty. I'm her momma and I can say that. I just want to make sure I can have a style done so I don't have to worry about her hair after she is baptized. In our religion after you are baptized you change out of your baptisamal clothes and put your Sunday dress back on. Family and friends are waiting in a room for us while I finish getting her ready. We meet up back in a room where the Priesthood holders then gather around, lay their hands upon your head and confirm upon you the gift of the Holy Ghost. We ARE focusing on our Savior Jesus Christ. That is why I am trying to find an easy hairstyle to do so it's not about the hair and it's about the special moment she is feeling at that time. I don't want her to feel uncomfortable with straight drenched hair soaking into her back. I am thankful to everyone who helped me figure out what I can do so we can focus on the special moment she just had instead of fussing about her hair.

    Thanks so much for your concern though. :)

  25. Do you have to have a facebook account to post pictures?
    My emails aren't working and I would like to post a picture.


  26. Missionary Momma,

    I normally don't like to get into religion on this blog, but to address your comment... Doing a little girl's hair before or after she gets baptised I believe will not draw the focus away from the sacred ordinance taking place (or from Christ.) This post is more about finding a practical hairstyle that will save time and effort while also helping the child to feel comfortable and focus on the spirit. I can imagine a little girl with dripping wet tangled up hair would draw the focus away from the spirit more than a little girl who feels special and happy with how she looks. (Only adding to the spirit of the special day.)

  27. Schroeder Family,

    I'm not positive, but yes I do think you need a fb account to post pictures.

  28. I'm thinking it would probably bring more honor to Christ if we spent more time lifting others up instead of criticizing and doing His job (judgment).

    Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29

  29. These are interesting responses. What I am asking is not what do I "feel" about a hairsyle but what does the Bible say re: a woman's glory or hair? What does it is say about braiding and the way we should look on the outside?
    Does the Bible have anything to say on this topic?
    Does it matter what the Bible says?
    1 Cor. 11
    1 Pet 3

  30. Missionary Momma,

    Perhaps you need to find a different blog to preach the word of Christ. You have completely missed the point of this blog and your unnecessary preaching is a bit ridiculous!

  31. AMEN, Miss Staci! Well said. :)

  32. (1) I can't WAIT till my daughter's hair is longer so I can try some of these (even though I'm still trying to master the pony tail -- it doesn't matter what I do, there are always "bubbles").

    (2) Love the different styles, but I think my favorite is the first set that was submitted. Very cute and girly.

    (3) I don't think there is anything wrong with helping this little girl have a cute, easy hairstyle on the day of her baptism; it doesn't mean that she (or her family) is less focused on Christ.

  33. Beautiful hairsytles Kori! I think you have some great baptism options for girls :)

  34. All of these are fantastic. I love the different braids.

  35. Just a quick FYI, 5 of those 6 braids were done on my daughter that has thin, wispy shoulder-length hair. Only the top left was done on my daughter that has thick waist-length hair. I hope this little girl has an amazing baptism day, because it truly is something special :)


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