Mar 30, 2013

Easter Hairstyles

Wow, Easter Sunday is this weekend! It kinda snuck up on me. :)
Since we like to get all dressed up for Easter at our house, I thought some of you may do the same. I've picked out a few of our favorite fancy schmancy updo's/hairstyles that may be fun to try out on your little girl (or yourself) to go with your Easter Dresses.
You can click on the link above the pictured hairdo to go to the instructions.
Easter hairstyle for girls
special occasion hairdo
hairstyle for church
woven basket hairstyle
Just for fun, if you want to show off your princesses Easter Dresses..... we would love to see them! There's just nothing quite like a cute girl in a springy dress. Who could not feel happy after seeing that? Feel free to share your Easter pictures with us by posting them on our facebook page. I can't wait to see your cuties all dressed up!!