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Christmas Hairdo - The Christmas Tree

K, we have quite a few Christmas hairstyles ready to go. The Princess has been wanting "Christmas hair" ever since we put our tree up after Thanksgiving! Hopefully I'll have time to post them all. It's been busy around here (as I'm sure it has been for everyone.)

I didn't do step by step pictures for this style. I decided it would take too long and I'm guessing everyone knows how to do these connectors anyway. Make them in the shape of a tree by starting with one at the top and adding one more to each row all the way down. As you can see...the sides are connected, but the ones in the middle are just sitting on top.

christmas tree hairstyle
elastic connectors hairstyle
holiday hairdo Before she went to bed we added some braids so that she would have waves in the morning.
Although this one took awhile (almost 20 minutes) she actually ended up wearing it for 3 days! It was worth the extra time.

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  1. Love it! I love your ideas and my daughters hair goes past her bottom and I've been desperate for ideas, your blog is a lifesaver! This will work great in her hair too!

    You are so creative!!!!

  3. oh, i love this style! what a fun christmas do. thanks so much for posting, can't wait to do that this week!

  4. this is gorgeous, I tried it on my daughter this morning, she loves it, but it wasnt quite right, studied it a bit more, think I have it now...she can wear it to her class party next week

  5. These are beautiful hairstyles, and on a princess too!

    P.S. I came from Small Talk Six but couldn't seem to find your post. I went to all your blogs. Happy holidays!

  6. I just wanted to know that I linked to you on my very first post of my new blog:
    Thanks for you inspiration!

  7. I like the hairstyle but I must say that I LOVE your book. Thanks!!

  8. That is so funny! We did this exact thing last night for a choir concert. Except the top band was yellow (for the star) and we did one big pony at the bottom with a brown band for the trunk!

  9. So cute! What kinds of bands do you use? I can't seem to find green.


  10. The Sparks, We use "goody ouchless" elastics. They come in a pack of 250 in 3 different sizes and all different colors. We find them at Walmart.

    Audrey, What a great idea! I thought about using brown for the trunk, but didn't have any brown rubber bands. I didn't think of putting a yellow one on top for the star. How cute!

    Tara, I'm glad you're enjoying the book. Thank you!

  11. Gorgeous I wish my daughter would allow me to do these styles to her hair~!

  12. Very pretty, it reminds me of the smocking done on dresses in the renaissance.
    Wonderful blog!

  13. I am so glad you did a book. When I heard you might not do this anymore, I was hoping you would!! I am so excited!!

  14. I tried this one today on my 10 yr old cousin, and we all just loved it! Thanks for the great idea!

  15. I did this one on my youngest today! I braided the bottom of the tree for a "trunk" Thanks SO much for your wonderful ideas and easy instructions!!

  16. Christy,

    That turned out cute. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Thank you so much for these CUTE hairstyles. 1'm 17 and our choir director warns us never to come to a concert with a Christmas Tree in our hair. Well, I did this one last night for practice and everyone LOVED it! Unfortunately for our performances we can't have any colored bands. I've adapeted a few of your designs and still enjoy them!

  18. Ohh, we did this all the way down my cousins hair for her high school dance - it was gorgeous. Such an awesome idea for the tree!


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