Oct 5, 2009

Cinderella Hairstyle

Is anyone planning on being Cinderella for Halloween? Here's an easy Cinderella Disney Princess hairstyle!

We actually do this type of bun quite often because it's so cute and quick. It doesn't have to be just for Halloween. This would be a cute ballet bun for dance class, or a quick everyday school hairstyle.

Start with a regular ponytail and some "thickish" ribbon. (The ribbon we use is a little over 1 inch wide.) Place the ribbon an inch or two above the end of the pony....

Now fold the ends up over the ribbon and secure with an elastic. (Don't worry too much about what it looks like at this point. Yes, it's ugly but it's not going to be seen!)Start rolling everything up towards the top of the ponytail.You know what?? Forget all that, this one is just a lot easier to explain on video!
Here's the Princess with her ballet hairdo ready for dance class.....
dance class hairdohairstyle for dancingballet bunIf you are wanting to use this hairstyle to go with your Cinderella costume for Halloween, you would probably want to use a blue ribbon to match your Cinderella dress. I've also noticed Cinderella wearing a black or blue headband along with the bun. We didn't add a headband for the picture, but you get the idea, right? Just throw on a headband and you're good to go trick or treating!Disney Princess Halloween hairstyleCinderella hairstyle
I've had a few people suggest in the comments that this would be a cute Tinkerbell hairstyle as well. I have to agree. Just switch that ribbon out for a green one!!