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Positive Day

So, there's a challenge (from a little girl) floating around the blogosphere today: July 31st is to be positive day! I absolutely love this idea!! There is just so much negativity in the world right now, it's hard to escape it. I for one am going to take this beyond our blog and try to make my whole day a positive day! Wish me luck!!

And now, some of the positive things in my life:

1. 3 adorable kids

2. 2 adorable kids who will be going back to school soon :)

2. 1 adorable husband

3. Beautiful weather (I love summer)

4. Grandmas and Grandpas who live nearby

5. Religion in my life

6. Chocolate (lots of chocolate) in my cupboards

7. A potty trained toddler!! (I should have put this as #1)

8. Disneyland (soon)

9. All caught up with laundry for a few minutes

10. Wonderful extended family and friends

Now, if you're wanting to read more positive stuff, go check out all the links on this post. And JOIN IN if you have a blog. I feel better already realizing I have so much to be thankful for in my life. (If you don't have a blog or don't feel like posting, feel free to leave the positive things in your life in the comments here. I would love to read them.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful positive day! And thank you so much to the sweet little girl who came up with this idea. Also, thanks to Jenn for posting about this. You've made my day. :)

Whould you like to comment?

  1. You DO have a lot to be positive about (the laundry is a biggie). I agree that your kids are adorable (and WOW on all of the wonderful hairstyles. I can hardly make a braid).

    Thank you so much for participating. It means so much to me and YOU are part of what is positive for me today!

  2. What agreat idea!! I love it! I too finished up potty training the last of our bunch and yes its going on top!!

  3. Lots of wonderful blessings fill your life! It is important to remind ourselves of the really good things!

  4. I'm a Positive Day participant, too! Your #7 is reason enough to be dancing from the rooftops. LOL

    Happy Positive Day!


  5. potty trained absolutely needs to be #1
    although back to school is also a contender ;)

    lovely list

    I really like your background color

  6. Still wanting to be able to say the potty training is done at our house! We backed off cuz she wasn't ready! Some day! :)

  7. Way to go on being positive! Sometimes it's so hard. I wish I had lots of chocolate in my cupboard; I may just have to stop at a gas station and remedy that. :)

  8. Yes- potty training should have been number one!!! LOL- that makes me laugh. What a great list. If I ever get Jo past his issues---- well maybe I can throw that on top of my list.

  9. Man, I should have put chocolate on my list!

  10. What wonderful positives! LOVE those!
    HAve a wonderful weekend, friend!

    Leigh Bratina
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  11. Thanks for all of your positives. Having raised three boys, it's hard for me to get into the whole hair thing. Maybe when my granddaughter gets a little bigger.

  12. You have many positives in your life. You are truly blessed. Thanks for stopping by my place, and Happy Positive Day! :)

  13. This is an awesome list!!! Thank you for stopping by my place and I hope you'll come back often.

    Which of these blogs do you do as a daily rule? I'm not sure which one I should follow.

  14. That is quite a group of blessings. It is amazing how fast this Positive Day caught on. People must have really needed it.

  15. I'm here from Jen's linky.

    I love how many positive things we can find in our lives when we set our minds to thinking about them and recognizing them.

    Happy Positive Day!

  16. My friend, I have seen you all over the Bloggosphere today, visiting people from the Linky and leaving such nice comments. I absolutely applaud you for your support of positive attitudes and I wanted to thank you one more time for being a part of Positive Day. I seriously feel so blessed by your participation!

  17. Excellent Positive List. I so loved doing this. Have a happy Positive Day 2009 :)

  18. I have a blog but not blogger!


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