Jul 22, 2009

French Fishbraid Options

Ever since we did the french fishtail/herringbone/fishbone braid tutorial, the Princess has asked for this braid again and AGAIN!

So, here are a couple of variations we've done this past week just for fun.  Enjoy braiding those fishies!

First up: A fish swept across the back.....

And since we've had some requests, we've added a step by step video tutorial for this hairdo, enjoy!  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

fishtail braid

hairstyles for girls
And next: A spiced-up side pony with a fish.....

cute hairstyle for little girls
herringbone braid
Need a fish braid video? Go here for the regular fish braid.
In case you're wondering, both cute hair accessories in this post came from "Pomegranate and Pink." We're in love with flowers right now!