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French Fishbraid Options

Ever since we did the french fishtail/herringbone/fishbone braid tutorial, the Princess has asked for this braid again and AGAIN!

So, here are a couple of variations we've done this past week just for fun.  Enjoy braiding those fishies!

First up: A fish swept across the back.....

And since we've had some requests, we've added a step by step video tutorial for this hairdo, enjoy!  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

fishtail braid

hairstyles for girls
And next: A spiced-up side pony with a fish.....

cute hairstyle for little girls
herringbone braid
Need a fish braid video? Go here for the regular fish braid.
In case you're wondering, both cute hair accessories in this post came from "Pomegranate and Pink." We're in love with flowers right now!

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  1. I really need to practice this braid! I love the way it looks over just a regular french braid.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that your blog saved my daughters hair. : ) He hair is just about to her behind and it was driving her nuts this summer. So, I promised her that we would do more "fun" things to her hair and show her your blog.
    Everyday we do something different and she loves the attention she gets because everyone is always saying "oh your hair looks so good!".
    The only thing is I make sure her hair is dry before I do anything to it. She was starting to get breakage and I was told that putting her hair up while wet was causing it.
    But, again thank you so much for your blog!

  3. I LOVE this. I have had my hair in a regular fishbone braid years ago but never like this. I am going to have my mom do it for me tomorrow. And when I get a chance I can't wait to do this on my little sister. The top one is so cute!


  4. Awww you have such cute do's. Your daughter must think you are the absolute bestest (is that actually a word?) hair-does/Mum in the world! My favourite is the top one - they all look so adorable though!

  5. Your daughters hair color is absolutely gorgeous! I would kill for that beautiful auburn color. So hard to fake. I love the look of fishbone braids but they take me so long to do. I will have to bribe my daughter so I can try this one out.

  6. wow that's amazing! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing ;)

  7. That looks adorable! I've always wanted to teach myself to do this on my own hair. Maybe I'll finally try!

  8. It is just crazy how good you are with hair. If I could learn a fraction of what you know I would be thrilled.

    I just had my first attempt at doing something for Taylors hair for a dance thing. Stop by and check it out.

    Have a great weekend!

    Love and Prayers,


  9. That's awesome. I wish my two year old would sit for a minute so I could practice it.

  10. Man..... I wish... I am great with doing braids,and can do anything on someone else if i take my time... Problem is, I want to do them on myself! it is so hard! it never works.....

  11. Hi, your blog is awesome and not only for little girls! I always do it on my older sister and even friends. I want to ask you how can I get the fishtail braid swept across the back look? i can't figure it out how to divide the hair to get it done! please email me if you can my sister is getting married in December and i want to do this on her hair with some curls on the side :)

    I'll appreciate it

  12. can you do a tutorial on this french fishbraid PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  13. OMG !!! Nice page page ! LOVE the hairstyles. Can you do a tutorial on the first one, the fishtail braid. !!
    Thank You & God Bless ! :)

  14. Wow! I like your hair style. I tried it on my sister's hair. Thanks you.

  15. i love this hairstyle i tryed it on my friends and they loe it to. its to cute

  16. I tried this on my sister, and it looks supppeeerrrr nice! :) Thank you so much for all your videos!


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