Jun 2, 2009

Snail Shell Hairstyle

This isn't called snail hair because it's slow. It only took 20 minutes. Really, it's not THAT bad! We named it the snail shell, because it actually looks like a snail to us!

hair styles for girlsStart with a part in front similar to this. (Go all the way down by her ear.)
hairstyles for girlsStart french braiding, only taking hair from the front, never from behind. I have a hard time keeping my braids loose enough to cover the part, I'm cursed with tight braiding fingers I guess. :) But, if you're talented enough to cover that part, that would look better.
little girls hairstyles
More of the same. Part out another section following your first part and braid the same way, then repeat. Braid the ends down as far as you can on all three braids.
Now make a side pony on the other side of her head, under your last french braid and wrap your braids around her head to add them in with the pony.
french braiding
Now you can make a messy bun. I made this one by braiding the ponytail, wrapping it around itself and leaving the ends out on top with an elastic.
Do you see what I mean about those parts? I'll keep practicing. :)
cute girls hairstyles
hairdos for little girls
We got these cute flowers from a store called flirty bird. They're attached bobby pins, so they're easy to slide right in and stay put.creative hairstyles
Oh, and I didn't forget about that other variation of the french braids with flair. I just haven't uploaded those pics yet, so this one was faster for me today. :) I'll get around to it eventually.