May 27, 2009

French Braids With FLAIR

Our go-to style these days is regular old french braid pigtails. We probably do them at least once a week because they're easy, quick and cute. Here's a version of the good old classic french braids, just with a little extra something....


Make a rectangle on top of her head with some sections like this. I placed our elastics off-center rather than down the middle just for fun. If I do this one again, I'm going to leave that front section without an elastic and just brush it to the side. (I think the front would look cuter that way, but whatever.)french braid pigtailsNext, split each section in half. While you're braiding the first side, it helps to band the other sections together to keep them out of the way.cute hairstylesDo your french braids on both sides, adding in the hair from the sections as you go. You could do regular french braids or dutch braids like we did, whatever makes you happy. :)hairstyles for tweensTo finish this off, I just braided the ponytail and flipped the ends back up to the top.
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quick and cute hairI've got another cute version of this style ready to post hopefully sometime this week. (But I'm not making any promises.) My kids are out of school now, so I probably won't be posting as often. I'll be entertaining 3 little monkeys instead. :)