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Changes, Giveaways, and New Stuff!

First of all, I've decided to change the way I do things around here. I love giveaways and sales/discounts at boutiques and deals like that. But if you're here looking just for hairstyles, I realize it can be annoying to scroll through a bunch of non-hairstyle posts to find what you're looking for. Sooo, I've made a brand new page just for giveaways and good deals to try and keep things separate.

The new Hair And Share page is linked right on my sidebar ------> you can go there anytime you're looking for a good deal. (And, of course if you hear of any hair related steals or giveaways going on, be sure to let me know and I'll add them!) I'll also put in a short announcement post on this blog anytime I'm hosting a giveaway over there to make sure you don't miss out on any of those.

*I'll be hosting a huge giveaway on the new page coming very soon, so keep checking back. (Trust me, you'll want in on this one!!) For now, I have a small giveaway running just for fun and the page is still under construction, but there are some discounts and other giveaways posted, so go take a look:)

Other business: One of my best hair-blogging friends, Jenn (who does Girly Do's) has purchased her very own domain! She has like a REAL website now! Cool huh? You can now find her at Go stop by her WEBSITE and say hi, then be sure to change all your links to her new address so you don't lose track of her!

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  1. Wow, I really like your blog, Its different. Stopping in to say hi from the MomDot Link. Are you on Twitter?


  2. HI stopping by for the great blog roll. I'm on the list number 85


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