May 1, 2009

AA Hairstyles From Our Readers!!

How fun!! I'm so excited I had some readers send in some of the stuff they've tried! Lots of cute ideas for you here...

First off, we have a Mom who was brave enough to try the zulu/bantu knots from day 3. I LOVE how this turned out. This was more of the look I was hoping for when we tried it, LOL. Adorable, right? The only problem? It didn't last through nap time. Darn it! Maybe this is a non-napping older girl only style?

Look how straight these parts are. I'm totally impressed, especially considering this little cutie is only 2!! I have no idea how she got this done on a moving target. Next up, braid extensions! This Mom took these 2 to the salon to get this style done. I'm thinking that's a smart decision since she said it only took a couple of hours. Unless you are really fast at braiding and know how to put the extensions in, this is probably worth paying someone else to do. Btw, I love this picture, how sweet!
I love the angled parts on this do. A simple style made unique just by changing the parts a little. Cute! In case you're wondering, she got these darling clips at target.
Now this is cute! I've got something very similar in my folder I'll be posting soon. I especially like how those white clips stand out against the dark hair.
Another cute and simple one.....

Love these twists in the front! And how sweet are the dress and shoes?
Here's our twist hairstyle from day 1. Even with shorter hair, it turned out great!

I've still got a few African American styles ready to post, but I'm taking a break over the weekend. This has worn me out!!

See you all on Monday, have a great weekend!