Apr 30, 2009

Criss Cross French Braids (AA, Day 4)

Today we are going to be trying some double criss cross corn rows! And I have to say, this is one of my favorite so far. *Even though it took a good 50 minutes!!* Some of that was figuring out what I was going to do though, so it may take you a little less time.

Does anyone remember this x braid we tried last June? Doubtful, since we had like 5 people looking at our blog back then, LOL. It's pretty much the same concept, just taken up a notch.

This is a bad angle, it's hard to tell what's going on. But, split the hair in half like you're making pigtails. Put one side in a pigtail just to keep it out of the way for now. Then, make 6 sections on the other side (like the picture) and put each section in a fairly loose covered elastic. (You're going to want to use something you can easily yank out with one hand later.)

Starting on the front section closest to the center part, start inside-out french braiding diagonally over to the middle outside section. Yank out the scrunchy and continue with the french braid over to the bottom middle section. (When you go across the parts you'll need to do a small section of a regular braid until you have more hair to add in with the french braid.)

Same thing, just opposite direction. Braid all the leftover sections and you're halfway done!

Now you can take out the pigtail, make six more sections and finish the other side the same way.I don't care if you're white, black, brown, yellow, or green. This looks pretty cool if you ask me! Just make sure you have a movie for the daughter and some chocolate for the mom before starting. We ate a whole bag of m&m's while doing this....oops!
I did another version of this one with elastic braids too. It looked great, but was a pain in the bum to take out when we were done. BUT, if you don't know how to french braid, that's an option. (I would suggest just cutting out the elastics when you're done instead of trying to save them if you go that route.)