Apr 27, 2009

African American Hairstyles Day 1 !

Okay, first a little history here: I have been emailing back and forth with one of our readers, Shaniquia for a few months now. She and I have become good friends through email. Shaniquia just happens to be African American with 2 adorable daughters. One day the subject came up that she loves all of these hair blogs, but she hasn't been able to find many hairstyles that have worked well with the texture of her daughter's hair and asked if I could try and come up with some styles just for her.

Now let me just say, I am not claiming to be any kind of an expert when it comes to styling African American hair!! I have absolutely no experience in this area and these posts aren't meant to be offensive or anything like that. I just wanted to do something nice for a friend. I've seen some of the most intricate and creative styles on little African American girls and I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of that texture!! So anyway, I have several styles we have tried that I'm hoping will work for you, Shaniquia.

Also, if anyone else has any ideas or pictures of African American hairstyles you have done, send them my way! I can only do so much with this stick straight hair! (Just make sure if you are sending me pictures, they are YOUR pictures and not taken off of a website or whatever:) I know I don't like my pictures taken, and want to show everyone else the same consideration.

Now for our first attempt:

Start off with a center part and 3 sets of pigtails on each side.
Take one of the pigtails in the front and make a twist braid with it. Send it over to the other front pigtail and secure with an elastic.Make another twist braid and send it over to the middle pigtail on the other side.Now on the opposite side you started with, twist braid the bottom pigtail and add it to the other bottom pigtail. Again, twist and add to the other middle pigtail.At this point, I made three twist braids in the remaining hair and regular braided them together.We got these cute bows at Oh So Girly.

See those little hairs popping out at the bottom? I should have used some pomade or gel. Which reminds me. If you know of any products that work well with African American hair, let me know as well.