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African American Hairstyles Day 1 !

Okay, first a little history here: I have been emailing back and forth with one of our readers, Shaniquia for a few months now. She and I have become good friends through email. Shaniquia just happens to be African American with 2 adorable daughters. One day the subject came up that she loves all of these hair blogs, but she hasn't been able to find many hairstyles that have worked well with the texture of her daughter's hair and asked if I could try and come up with some styles just for her.

Now let me just say, I am not claiming to be any kind of an expert when it comes to styling African American hair!! I have absolutely no experience in this area and these posts aren't meant to be offensive or anything like that. I just wanted to do something nice for a friend. I've seen some of the most intricate and creative styles on little African American girls and I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of that texture!! So anyway, I have several styles we have tried that I'm hoping will work for you, Shaniquia.

Also, if anyone else has any ideas or pictures of African American hairstyles you have done, send them my way! I can only do so much with this stick straight hair! (Just make sure if you are sending me pictures, they are YOUR pictures and not taken off of a website or whatever:) I know I don't like my pictures taken, and want to show everyone else the same consideration.

Now for our first attempt:

Start off with a center part and 3 sets of pigtails on each side.
Take one of the pigtails in the front and make a twist braid with it. Send it over to the other front pigtail and secure with an elastic.Make another twist braid and send it over to the middle pigtail on the other side.Now on the opposite side you started with, twist braid the bottom pigtail and add it to the other bottom pigtail. Again, twist and add to the other middle pigtail.At this point, I made three twist braids in the remaining hair and regular braided them together.We got these cute bows at Oh So Girly.

See those little hairs popping out at the bottom? I should have used some pomade or gel. Which reminds me. If you know of any products that work well with African American hair, let me know as well.

Whould you like to comment?

  1. I follow your blog also! I have a biological daughter who is 9 (caucasian) and an adopted daughter who is 2 (biracial). My baby was born with a full head of hair and has hair past her shoulders (of course when wet!) but it shrinks up and looks like a long afro.

    I have tried SO many products and one I cannot live without is HAIR MILK. You can get it from It is honestly worth the money you spend on it. Also - for styling try their LOC BUTTER. It is fantastic!!

    These twist braids are SO easy on the curly hair, especially wet. Your friend can contact me if she wants... I'd love to see her girls hair!!

  2. A braid book I have has SEVERAL African American Hairstyles in it. I was almost a little frustrated trying to copy some of them because my daughter's hair is a lot like your daughter's which means that her hair isn't going to just hold still! It seems that the more textured hair just kind of stays where you put it, even if it is just for a moment or so. Still, I'm trying to make at least SOME of the styles work.

  3. Very pretty! I have done alot of the African American styles and a lot of the styles are very intricate. I have been able to do some on my daughters hair but not all. I can do a lot of the braiding and I will be posting one on criss cross cornrows soon. I can also do box braids and hair additions and I am teaching myself weaving.

    I use bee's wax for cornrows or this stuff called Demented Styling Goo by Beyond Zone and that helps keep flyaways in check. Let me know if you or your friend have any questions.


  4. I was really enjoying your site until the links. Everytime I click on a link, it takes me away from your page. I can't stand that! I am NOT DONE looking at your blog, I just want to open the link in another window so I can look at it a bit later. Otherwise, I lose track of where I found the link and often times, I won't go back to find it as I don't have the time (1year old twins,plus my 7yo). Please make your links right-clickable so I can open them in another window. Please?

  5. BMartinez72, I know what you mean about the links. It drives me crazy too! The reason I have it set up this way is to try and deter people from right clicking on our images and taking the pictures of my daugher. Not being able to right click on the links is an unfortunate side effect. I still find my daughter's pictures around occasionally, so it's not really helping much anyway. I may just take it off when I have some time.

  6. I just wanted to say thank you for the link to Oh So girly! I am ordering more bows then I'm sure my twin daughters will ever need!

    Ok I don't know if I should thank you or scold you ;)

    Love the hair styles! Keep them coming!

  7. MistyAnn, Oh I know! I have to restrain myself from clicking over there! I love her prices too. Have fun with your new stuff:)

  8. I love this style! Too adorable:) We use Style'n'curl curl cream... it is designed for black hair, but I use for my daughter's super dry, somewhat curly hair. It really helps bring out the curl and strangely works better with the straightener than any straightening cream I've tried:) It really helps hold the hair together and provide moisture.
    And about the links... I think blogger has an option that any links you click on will automatically open in a new window/tab. Also, this is a setting you can choose in your own internet options, though I'm not certain exactly where it is:)
    I understand about the pics, though. I have seen my little DD on ebay a few times. It can be a shock and a little weird. I try to just take it as a compliment:)

  9. love this! Is that all her own real hair? It almost looks unreal, it's so cute!

    PS: my own daughters have stick straight hair so I decided to start checking out some hair blogs to get some tips & tricks. Thanks!

  10. BMartinez72, I think I fixed it! Try clicking on a link now :)

    Thanks for the tip Merynne!

    Terresa, Yes, it's her real hair, LOL. Good luck with that straight hair :)

  11. Just wanted to say, I love this blog! My daughter is bi-racial, but her hair is so short and thin, it's hard to do most of these styles right now, but I'm trying to keep them in mind for when her hair grows and/or thickens!

    I love your ideas and your step by steps, I wasn't blessed with a creative gene, and I am so tired of pigtails.

  12. Totally Pimpin' Hair! Should have been on my blog. She looks like she is ready to hit the street and show everyone who is boss!
    You do a great job with your neat parts and twists. I'm in braids always seem to flop somehow unless I'm doing my own hair.

  13. A friend just gave me your blog...and I'm excited to try some of these styles out.

    I just tried this one on my little girl today (she's mixed. I'm white, hubby is black) Turned out pretty good, she's only 2 so she doesn't have as much hair as your little girl.

    Do people email you pics of how these hair do's ended up looking on their kids? I'd love to see how it looked on another black girl.

    I'll email you mine.

  14. Thank you so much for these African American hairdoos!!! My neighbor is a single father with a biratial daughter and knows nothing about her hair...every day she goes to school with a ponytail. So last night I tried your criss-cross french braids on her and she looked incredible!!! It made her day!! Thank you so much!!!

  15. Thank you so much for this you have more for AA girls? I have two biological girls with straight blonde hair but our middle daughter is adopted and very dark African American, her hair when dry is a very tight afro but when wet or straightened is shoulder length so i work hard to keep it up so it will grow and not break. the ultimate compliment is when i do my AA daughter's hair and we get noticed and admired by other AA women, i know there will always be a stygma around being a white mom with an AA daughter, but if i can find nice ways to style her hair, it really helps...thanks so much!

  16. I must say that I am loving your blog. As an AA parent with two AA daughters, i thought I had done every style that was out there. I have been trolling the internet looking for something new. And look what I found.

    These styles are great. My oldest is 12 and probably would not wear most of these styles. But some I can adapt fer even her mature (said with much sarcasm) self.

    My youngest is 8 and is in love with probably all of these styles.

    I did the Woven Piggies on her, making some changes for her hair type and length. It came out wonderful. She wore it to a family picnic this weekend and everyone marveled at the do. A couple of people are going to copy it for their kids.

    Love this site and the styles.

    Thank you and God Bless You for what you are doing for yourlittel girls and everyone else's little girl that visits here.


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