Apr 28, 2009

African American Hair, Day 2

I didn't do any step by step pics for this. I figure you either know how to french braid or you don't. And sorry people, my pictures aren't going to help if you don't, right? :) You could always try watching my inside out french braid video. But I'm not gonna lie, it's not the greatest! SOME DAY if I get a new camera I'll try again, k.

This is nothing new, just some dutch braid cornrows. I did try to come up with a new and interesting way to do the parts though just for fun.

I started on the four braids on both sides of the part on top first, then did the braids in the back, working from the top down.

It's funny, the day I did this we had several people stop us in the store and ask how long THAT took!?! Actually, it really wasn't that bad. It took 24 minutes from start to finish. Inside out french braids are the fastest braids to do in my opinion. It was totally worth the 24 minutes too! We got three days of hairstyles out of it! I kept the braids in for 2 days until they started getting "fuzzy" then took them out and had adorable curls for the 3rd day. If she had any type of texture to her hair, we probably could have gotten away with keeping the braids in even longer.