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Hairstyles From You!!!

Yay! I love getting pictures from my readers! It's seriously so fun to see everything you girls have tried. I love that they're all just a little bit different and unique in their own way.

Now without further delay, the artwork........

To start with, some woven pigtails and a beautiful smile!

Next we have hearts, hearts and more hearts!!! Lots of variations from the Valentines Day Post.

Now onto some Candy Cane Hair! This is still one of my daughter's all time favorites. She asks for it A LOT. It's fun to see it on another head of hair!!

A variation of the St Patrick's Day Shamrock and some more Woven Pigtails (another favorite!)
How cute are these 2? They're sporting the Twist, Weave and Cross.
How fun!!
I have a hard time keeping my inbox organized, and I'm a little ditzy sometimes:) So if I left anyone out, sorry! Send it again!!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. Aw, thanks for sharing my little girl on here. We're honored! :) Everyone's hairstyles look great!

  2. Oh, I love it, thank you. Bitty will love seeing her picture on your blog!

  3. You might want to check out this site for adorable hair accessories

  4. AWE!! Thanks for posting Lilys pic! She was thrilled to see herself on your blog!! She is always asking me to do more cool hairstyles on her from you!! Thanks again!

  5. Aww I just absoluty love checking out your page daily ! I cant not wait for my girls hair to grow so that I can do some of these looks on her! She might end up hating me. Im just now able to have some tiny tiny braids in her hair!

    Love seeing all the little girls with there hair done up! Awesome

  6. I love how your hairstyles are showing up in girls hair around the world! I love the woven pigtails...I use it on my little girl ALL THE TIME. Thanks for your inspiration!

  7. Beautiful stuff ladies! I also showcased some of my creations on my daughter's hair at my blog:

    The Rich Scrapper

  8. When I go to america I will pay you a visit and you can do my hair :) would you consider it?

    From your Facebook Friend Sarah xx


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