Mar 24, 2009

Gymnastics Hairstyle - Rainbow Elastic Braids

This one was done last summer. I wanted to look at something summery today since it's been SNOWING where I live lately, ugh! I think this hairstyle would be great for a gymnastic competition!

I got the idea for the partings on this one from one of my readers hairstyles. It's just modified a bit. The princess is wearing what she calls "her rainbow outfit." We had to do some hair to match the theme for the day!

gymnastic competition hairstyle It's really pretty straightforward. I'm thinking you can get it from the finished result without me explaining every step.

Do your part from ear to ear first. Then part diagonally from above one eye, back to your original part. Follow this part for doing your sections on one side. For the other side, starting at the back, section diagonally in the opposite way. (As you can see, we did the elastics in colors like a rainbow.)
hairdo for gymnastics Everything is pulled into a regular bun at the back.
gymnist hair style
gymnastics hairstyle for girls We had to get a picture of her favorite tights too! She'd wear this outfit every day if I'd let her.