Mar 17, 2009

An Easter Dress And Fancy Easter Hair !

A Fancy Princess Updo!

Begin by making a ponytail, leaving out about an inch and a half of hair all the way around.Now make sections in the hair you left out all the way around her head. Make the parts however you want them. I did some triangle type thingys, but regular squares would work great too.Split each section in half.Take 2 of the split sections (next to each other) and twist them in the same direction, then combine them, (twisting the opposite direction) to form a small rope braid . (If you don't know how to do a rope braid, click on the link for a video tutuorial.) Do this with each section around her head and combine all the braids together with the ponytail.Take a section from the pony. Bring it up over your fingers to form a loop.Bring the loop in by the base of the pony and wrap an elastic around the whole thing to secure it.Repeat this step with all the hair in the pony, sort of working in a circular pattern. When you're done forming the loops, you'll be left with some ends hanging down. I just kind of wrapped those up and tucked them underneath the bun, then hid it with this cute bow (from All Things Ribbon.)

Adorable and princessy for a special occasion!

If you wanted a more casual look, you could use the same concept and just make a regular pony with it instead of the updo.
One of my very favorite things about having a little girl (besides doing her hair) is the whole Easter Dress experience! Every year I get so excited about picking out "The Dress." This year our dress is from "All Things Ribbon" and we both absolutely love it. We've had it hanging around the house for awhile and the princess has been dying to try it on. So, of course even though Easter is weeks away, we had to give it a test run! Then we needed some Fancy Easter Hair to go with it! (Just ignore the lovely colored dead grass in the background.)

Here she is all dressed up. She truly felt and looked like a little princess with this dress on......