Mar 31, 2009

Easter Basket Hairstyle!!

I love how this one turned out! And don't worry, it looks like it may be difficult, but it's really not. It's easy and fairly quick! The best part? Only one elastic to take out when you're done!!

We recently added a video tutorial of this hairstyle if you prefer to learn by video. You can find that here: Basket Weave Hairstyle Video

Apply a little gel/putty/pomade (whatever you use) to everything and start with a simple part like this.....About an inch into the part, make a box.Pull the hair around the box into a half pony, then continue with the part through the box so that you end up with 2 sections on top. Put one section in a temporary elastic out of the way. Thanks to some of YOU I discovered these nifty plastic (not sharp) needles! Thank you, thank you! You can buy a package of 4 for $1.50 at Walmart in the craft section. (I would recommend getting the biggest ones they have, the smaller ones are harder to thread.) You'll also need a piece or string or dental floss (that's what I used) to make the threading a snap! Thread both ends of the floss through the eye of the plastic needle like this....Then, section out a small piece of hair at the front of the part, slip the hair through the loop of floss and pull the floss and hair through the needle to thread it.Now comes the fun part! Coming straight down from the part, weave the needle in and out of the hair in the half pony. Continue pulling down and the hair will follow. I was a little worried this was going to pull, but it didn't. She didn't complain from pulling at all during the whole process.So, here's the first section all finished. Keep going all the way along the part, alternating with going over first, then under first to make the woven pattern.Here it is with both sides completed.Now for some curls, here we are about halfway through the curling process. I curled the pieces left from the weaving and the hair in the pony, leaving the underneath straight.
Of course we needed to add a cute Easter Bow to finish it off!

I'm thinking this is THE hairstyle we'll be using for Easter Sunday. We both love it! Who knew a hairstyle could be inspired by an Easter Basket? Now I need some chocolate, or maybe some peeps.....
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