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Zig-Zag Part Video

Here's another one of your requests. There really is no right or wrong way to do these parts. This is how I usually do it. Of course, you can make the zig zags as wide or narrow as you want. Whatever works! Don't worry about getting it perfect either. In my opinion, it's supposed to be messy, that's what's cute about it.

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  1. I love this video I have so many people asking how to do a zig-zag part. And I did that little tutorial on how I do it, but I really do mine sloppy and quick. When I am doing a hair do that I want a perfect part on I do it like this. So I think I'll just start sending people to your video for advice because I do mine like a slob!!! You are much more disciplined than me!!!

  2. Ok so I came across this by accident I was looking for cute eighties hair for a dance that is coming up at my highschool and am I completely weird for doing these styles on myself and i'm a teen/ lol Your amazing where did you learn to do this?


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