Dec 13, 2008

Inside-Out/Dutch French Braid Video

Alright, I had a request to do a video showing an inside out french braid. Of course, I still have my crappy camera that doesn't give me much time to record. So, this is the best I could do.

This first video is to show the difference between a regular braid, and an inside-out braid. If you already know how to do a regular french braid, this will hopefully show you the difference, to help you figure it out.

Here's the inside-out french braid. My camera cut me off not too far into it. Hopefully you get the basic idea. Just keep repeating the steps all the way to the bottom.

Holy cow, I hate hearing myself on video. How embarrassing!! I can't believe what I am willing to do for you people!! :)

(Oh, and the same person who requested this video also requested a zig-zag part video. Don't worry, I didn't forget. I'll be posting it soon/next.)

Here's the finished product.......