Oct 15, 2008

Belle Hairstyle From Disney's Beauty and The Beast! (Halloween)

Disney Princess Belle Hairstyle
So, here's the look we're going for..........

It's Belle, fom Beauty and The Beast. (If you have a little girl, I'm sure you already knew that.) The style we are trying to recreate here is the hairdo from the ballroom where she's wearing the yellow dress.
Here's what you'll need: Some little claw clips, 2 elastics, a dollar store bracelet, and an old nylon knee sock. (Yes, I know it's weird.)
Start by making a pony, leaving out a section in the front (parted on the side or middle, whatever you prefer.) Do an upside down pull through in the pony. (If you don't know how to do a pull through, look under my "quick search labels" for "videos." You'll find an instructional video there!)
Now take the sections you left out, twist them and bring them together with an elastic under the pony.
Here's where the nylon comes in. Roll it up and position it underneath the pony. This is how I got the volume in the bun thingy. Maybe if your daughter's hair is thick enough you won't have to do this.
Bring the hair from the pony over the nylon and place the dollar store bracelet around it.
Add a few claw clips to keep the dollar store bracelet in place.

At this point, if it really was Halloween, I would dry and curl the pony. But, she's going to bed in about 10 minutes and this is just a practice run. So, I'm not doing that!You may be wondering why if she's Belle, her dress is pink and not yellow. Well, the princess wanted to be a "Pink Belle." (She really loves pink.) And, fine by me! This generic pink dress was cheaper and easier to find than the Disney Yellow Ballroom Belle Dress. :) Our little "Princess Belle" got her hair cut recently, but still wanted to wear a Beauty and the Beast Hair style! So, we modified our original priness style just a tad. Here's our attempt at a Belle hairstyle for short hair.......
I have been racking my brain for weeks trying to figure out how to do a Belle hairstyle! I really love how this this Belle hairdo turned out. I can't wait to try it again on Halloween!! Looking for other Disney Princess Hairstyles? Here's our attempt at a Cinderella Hairdo!