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Corn-Row Twists With Curls

The night before we did this style, I washed her hair, added a little gel, then did some braids all over her head, while it was still wet. (Probably 10-12 braids.) We took these out in the morning, and ta-da! Curls!

I parted out the 3 rows on top first. Twist each section, close to the scalp and run a bobby pin from the back, to the front of the twist. Then, add the little clips to keep everything in place. Next, I scooped up the sides, twisted some more, and added these twists to both side rows. Spray a little hairspray to keep the flyaways to a minimum.

This one has actually been sitting in my hair folder for a couple of months. I'm going through all my old stuff right now and "cleaning it out." It's been interesting trying to figure out which pictures go with which style and trying to remember the instructions. I really need to find a better way to keep my stuff more organized! What can I say, I guess I'm "hairbrained."

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  1. Very cute. I like the way you pulled the side ones and joined them together with ones in the middle. Love it!

  2. very good hairstyle I like Corn-Row Twists hair style.


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