Jul 25, 2008

Twist, Twist........and Twist

Yikes, this looks kinda scary now that I'm looking at the pictures. It's really not that bad.......Although it did take me 35 minutes. (I timed myself.) So, put aside some time if you attempt this one.

I started with the part down the middle, (like you are making pigtails.) Then, I parted out the two front sections, parted those into 3 sections each, and added the elastics and a twisting braid in each one.

After that, you can start parting the next row. I tried to color each section to better explain this. The pink braids are going to go over to the green ones. (The pink braid closest to the middle part will go to the farthest green one. The furthest pink braid from the center part will go to the closest green one.)

Now, the blue braids will go over to the yellow braids. (The same way you did the first ones, except weave them over and under the braids that are already there.)
If you don't have the time to keep going, it would be cute if you stopped right here.

Or, if you want...................finish off the 3rd row the same way you did the top. (The green braids feeding the purple, and the yellow feeding the orange.)
I had a hard time deciding how to finish this. Too many options! I settled on putting a twisting braid in each section and leaving them hanging. Next time I might do some flippy piggies at the bottom.

You could do this with traditional braids if you wanted. But, in my opinion twisting braids are much faster and SO much easier to take out when you're done. Plus, they look so pretty!