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It Can Be Done!!

So, I've had a TON of e-mail lately about my weaving styles. Most of them are from people who "don't get it." I've done my best to answer your e-mailed questions. Hopefully those of you who were having problems have figured it out? If not, I'm sorry! I feel like there's only so much I can explain in words without being able to "show."

These two moms figured out the weaving, then took it up a notch. They were both nice enough to send in some pics to share their talent. I love how these turned out.......

First off, this adorable princess is Sammy. Her mom Ruthanne is very talented with hair, as you can see. Sammy is sporting the Woven Tiara Sammy's Mom then pulled everything back into a pony and did an upside down pull through. I love this!!
The next day, her mom took out the weave and pulled the 8 little ponies into a twisting braid. Then, she made 2 pigtails with more twisting braids, made one more in the back, and gathered everything together in a bun on top. This turned out really cute.

Next, we have some adorable weaving submitted by a mom with some MAJOR hair skills....Lori Ann.

Lori Ann did the Woven Tiara in front, going back into some pigtail buns. And, as you can see, she even added some weaving in the back. I think this looks SO cute with those bows. I may have to get some just like it.

Thanks for sharing, girls! I love to see that some of my styles are actually getting used. Keep the e-mails coming!!

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  1. Sorry! I think I forgot to send you the last picture. It wasn't a bun on top it was just all pulled together in a pony.

    Now ladies...I grew up with five brothers and no sisters. I had no clue how to do my hair and I am trying really hard to figure out how to do cute things with my daughters hair. If I can do it YOU can do it. I have to thank my dear friend here and also all of you with your cute hair blogs. I have been able to learn many things. I am SO thrilled that I FINALLY know how to French Braid. Keep up with all the fun ideas. You all are inspirations.

  2. I hope you don't mind me asking. But, where did you get your darling blog designed? And, how much did it cost? (The header in particular.) I have never seen a cuter header.

  3. Anonymous:
    I got my blog background at, it was free. There's a link on the top left corner on my blog if you want to check them out. And, I'm glad you like the header, I like it too. I designed it myself using a digital scrapbooking website. It was free as well. Hope this helps.


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