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Two French Braids With A Zig Zag Part

I used to do two french braids, with a straight part down the middle. This was cute on her when her hair was shorter, but the longer her hair gets, the less cute it is. So now, I like to do these french braids with a zig-zag part.

Here's the front............

Now, this hairstyle is good for two uses. I usually braid it like this the first day, while it's still wet after her bath, have her sleep with it in. Then, the next day, take it out and she has beautiful curls without having to do anything! I'll post a picture of the curls tomorrow when we take the braids out.

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  1. I have 3 girls (well my 16 yr old has outgrown these) but 2 of my younger ones, ages 7 & 5 love for me to do their hair...but they each have terrible double swirlies on their scalps & even doing simple pony tails the hair just lumps in many I like the zig zag effect which may help smooth out these hair designs. Just wondering if you have done the 4 strand braid & any macrame style designs since you have the hair chains that I really love & havent thought about trying this design. Anyhow, look forward to more styles. Thnx for the wonderful descriptions & pics!!!

  2. Your daughter is amazing and you a great hairdresser



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