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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No Heat Curls - Bandana Spirals

How to get curly hair, without heat...

Easy No Heat Curls

The Princess calls these heatless curls "the perfect curls!"  We have been experimenting with many different no heat curling methods for awhile now and have finally come up with a technique that we love. 

heatless curling method, bandana spirals

You may remember the bandana wraps (no heat waves) video we posted a few weeks ago.  Today's curling tutorial also uses bandanas and looks similar to the original waving method when wrapped up. But, as you can see, these curls come out very different (as perfect ringlets instead of waves.)  Bandana curls!

no heat ringlet curls
Most curls without heat techniques we have tried, require sleeping on uncomfortable buns, knots, bobby pins, or curlers. We love this method because these "bandana spirals" lay relatively flat to the head, and the bandana's are soft with nothing to poke you! It did take me awhile to figure out how to wrap these vertically without them coming unraveled, but finally found a solution by binding pairs of ringlets together (as shown in the video below.)  An added perk to this technique is that the curls sitting next to each other are naturally curling in opposite directions, which prevents them from nesting together and forming one big curl at the end of the day.
bandana curls

Shown above is a picture of what the curls will initially look like when you first take the bandana's out. Depending on your preference, you can choose to separate the curls, or leave the ringlets more intact.  We divided her hair into 5 sections (using 5 bandanas total) to create these curls.  Of course, if you prefer tighter or looser curls, you can adjust the amount of sections to your liking.  The less sections you take, the looser the curls will be. If you are wanting to create bigger (wider) ringlets, you might try doubling up the bandana's for a larger (thicker) surface to wrap the hair around.

Supplies needed:

*3-8 bandanas (depending on how tight you want the curls.) We found our bandanas at Walmart for $1 each.

*Cloth covered hair ties or elastics

*Several hours for the hair to dry.  The Princess usually sleeps with these in overnight.

Bandana Sprials, No Heat Curls Video Tutorial:

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  1. OMG i love how they look and i love your website
    p.s. can you also do this with socks or do they have to be bandanas?

    1. Thanks! No, you don't have to use bandanas, I think long socks would work great!

    2. oh ok thanks

  2. Super cute! I wish my hair was long enough, I would try it on myself :)

  3. I used to do this to my daughters hair all the time. I love that look

  4. I had some extra fabric, so I made my own long pieces to wrap the hair around. It worked so great! I used really small sections though, and the curls were so tight this morning, that it looked like I chopped 6 inches off her hair, lol. All those curls do look amazing in a high ponytail though :) My daughter gives this 2 thumbs up for comfort. We've tried tons of overnight curl techniques, from socks to curlformers, and she said this one was the easiest to sleep on. Thanks!!!

  5. Do you put any product in her hair to hold the curls? (mousse, gel, ???) I did the curls with the tied nylon socks last night in my daughter's hair. The curls were beautiful but had already fallen quite a bit even before we left the house. I don't think they are going to make it past her first few minutes of recess in the humid weather this morning.

  6. Omigosh thank you sooooo much! My hair gets really damages by normal curling iron, and the other no heat techniques never worked. I wore these curls today and got so many compliments! Thank you!!!!!

  7. GREAT idea and it works wonderfully. My daughter has nearly waist-length hair that will not hold curl from a curling iron. It took maybe 10 minutes to roll her hair and the curls lasted all day. Defnitely a technique I will be using again! Thanks.

  8. I lightly sprayed my daughter's hair with Elan brand setting lotion from Sally's, and the curl stayed in all day from these bandanas. So much faster, cheaper, and more comfortable than curlformers!

  9. Beautiful! I love this method compared to the rag curls I use to do for my girls.

  10. We finally did this over the weekend and the curls came out beautifully! My daughter loved how comfortable they were to sleep in and I loved how fast they were to put in!!

  11. Omg I am gonna try this for Church soon

  12. Do you think that just about 3 will work for super long hair

  13. Can you use dish towels and get the same effect?

  14. My hair is really thick and layered and goes down to about halfway down my back how many bandannas would you suggest I use?


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