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Flower Girl Hairstyles! 5 Braided Rose Hairstyles, Part 2

5 cute flower girl #hairstyles, rose braids #flowergirl

Today we are sharing 5 more cute hairstyles using braided flowers! We didn't realize how many hairstyles using flower braids we had done until we started looking through our blog, and we didn't want to leave any of these out. So we decided to make a part 2 of our braided flower hairstyles series! If you missed part 1 (which includes 5 more hairstyles) you can find that here: Braided Flower Hairstyles, Part 1.

We thought all of these styles would be so cute for Spring (or any time you want to wear gorgeous rosettes in your hair!)  These would be great hairstyles for flower girls, brides, the Prom, Homecoming, recitals, school, church, communions, etc.

5 Braided Rose Hairstyles (Part 2) Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

These hair tutorials are a compilation of flower braid hairstyles we have shared in the past on our channel (some are fairly recent and some date back several years.) We love going through our hairstyle archives, as I'm sure some of you have forgotten about these styles, or have never seen them. We like to group similar styles together to make it easy for you to find that perfect hairstyle for your special occasion!

Hairstyles included in this video (with timestamps)

#1 Double Twist Top Knot With Rope Braid Flower 0:07

Double twist top knot hair tutorial

#2 Dutch Braided Rose Hairstyle 1:11

Dutch braided rose hair tutorial

#3 Romantic Side Swept Braided Rose With Curls 2:24

Side swept braided rose hairstyle with curls, tutorial

#4 Braided Rosette Half Up Hairstyle 4:03

Braided rosette half up hair tutorial

#5 Winding Lace Braid With Rosette Accent 5:18

Winding lace braid hairstyle with rosette accent

All of the hair flowers in this video are made basically the same way... by rolling up a standard braid into a rosette bun. But as you can see, the variations of what you can do with these roses is endless!  These hairstyles will work best with long, or medium length hair.  Hairstyle #1 can be done on fairly short hair.  

P.S. If you would like more detailed tutorials for any of these hairstyles, we do have the originals on our YouTube channel (which are slower and each step is explained using commentary.)

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