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7 Prom Hairstyles!

7 Prom Hairstyles. Simple video tutorials #prom #promhair #curls #promhairstyle #updo #braids #halfup

Today we are sharing 7 hairstyles for Prom (or your next formal dance!)  A compilation of easy and elegant updos, half up hairstyles, and side swept hairstyles for special occasions. We have pulled together some of our favorite romantic hairstyles with twists, braids, and curls which are glamorous, sophisticated, and fancy. These styles are similar to something you might see on the red carpet, but can be created quite easily in your own home! These gorgeous styles would be great for many occasions such as Prom, Homecoming, Weddings (bridal, bridesmaids, and flower girls) recitals, communions, holidays, date night, Instagram photos, etc.

7 Hairstyles for Prom, Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

In our step by step hair tutorials above, we use a topsy tail for a few of the styles.  These tools can be found online here: Topsy Tail (affiliate.) This tool is optional, if you do not have a topsy tail, the twists can be made by pulling the hair through with just your fingers, although the tool does make it easier.

We used a reverse curling wand to create the curls shown in a few of the styles which can be found here: Reverse Curling Wand (affiliate.)    Of course, you can also use a regular curling iron, heatless curls, or natural curls... whatever you prefer!

Hairstyle ideas included in this video w/ timestamps:

#1 Romantic Twist Half Up 0:04
#2 Easy Twist Updo 1:50
#3 Scalloped Princess Braids and Curls 3:27
#4 Romantic Updo With Twists And Braids 4:50
#5 Braided Flower Updo 6:34
#6 French Braid Tuck 8:01
#7 Side Swept Braided Rose Hairstyle 8:59

We hope you enjoyed these fancy formal styles.  Now all you need is a dress!

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