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Sleep Styler Review and Demo!

Sleep Styler Tutorial and Review Video

Today we are testing The Sleep Styler (as seen on Shark Tank) on long, straight, and fine hair! As mentioned in our video tutorial and review video (below) their instruction manual did state that you may not get great results if you have straight/fine or hard to curl hair and recommend their mini rollers instead. The large rollers that we used in this video were typically made for people with long and thick, frizzy, curly or textured hair. We wanted to try them out anyway to see what kind of results we could achieve. My daughter has been loving loose, wavy curls lately over tight ringlet type curls. Maybe at some point we will test the mini rollers to see if we like them better. This is our first impression of the product as we have not used them before!

Check out our Sleep Styler review and demo video to see our results below! (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

In this video we give some tips and tricks for using these curlers as well as showing our results. The most important tip is to start with slightly damp, but not wet hair. Even though these are made with "absorbent yoga towel fabric" your curls will not dry completely if your hair is soaking wet when you roll it up (even overnight.) We also show how to place the straps so that the velcro ends up facing the correct way at the bottom of the rollers.

The core of these rollers is memory foam, so they are super soft, although my daughter said they weren't extremely comfortable to sleep in.  I don't think any heat-less overnight curlers really are!

The sleep styler can be found online on Amazon. (Affiliate)
I would recommend adding hairspray or other product when the rollers come out for longer lasting curls.

*This is not a sponsored post. The Sleep Styler was purchased by us.  Our opinions are our own.

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