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7 Quick & Easy Hairstyles, Part 2

7 quick and easy heatless hairstyles, video tutorial

You ask, and you shall receive!  We had so many requests last week after posting our "7 quick and easy hairstyles for school" for a part 2 video. So, this week we are showing 7 more quick and easy heatless hairstyles, which makes 14 total, or 2 weeks worth of 5 minute hairstyles!

Since my daughter is now a teen in middle school aka junior high, she does her own hair before school every morning.  She is always looking for cute, easy, (and most importantly) QUICK hairstyles that she can do herself (DIY.) For this video we have pulled together 7 more "go to" hairstyles  that we think would be fashionable and simple for teens, tweens, or any age.  These styles aren't anything super unique or intricate, but we are hoping this video will again help add to your collection of every day hairstyle ideas. 

Video Tutorial Part 2, For All 7 Hairstyles: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Hairstyles included in this video:

*Flip braid side ponytail (also known as a faux fishtail braid or topsy tail braid.)

flip braid side ponytail (faux fishtail or topsy tail braid)

*Flip braid messy bun (or chignon) on the side

Easy messy bun (flip braid technique)

*Side flips hairstyle

Cute and easy side flip hairstyle tutorial

*Bubble braid tie back

Easy bubble braid tie back tutorial

*Accent braids

Easy accent braids hairstyle

*70's braids tie back hairstyle

Easy and quick "70's braids" tutorial

*Angel wings braids

Angel wings braid tutorial, cute hairstyle for school

Most of these styles will work with most hair types: Curly, wavy, or straight. All will work with long hair and medium hair, the accent braids will even work with short hair

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