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Elastic Wrap Double Hair Bow Hairstyle

Elastic wrap hair bow video tutorial

Today we are continuing on with our quick and easy DIY hairstyle series, which we announced a couple of weeks ago.  If you missed our first simple hairstyle in this series, it can be found at the following link: (Easy braid with a twist.)

This cute hair bow hairstyle would be great for school, work, summer, casual occasions, the beach, etc.  This style is easy enough to do on yourself and doesn't take much more time than just a standard ponytail.  And, the best part? No extra bobby pins or elastics are required to create this bow... just the elastic which was initially used to make the ponytail! 

Easy hair bow ponytail video tutorial

As mentioned in our video tutorial below, you can choose how many of these accent bows to add to each elastic.  A single bow is cute, as well as a double (as shown in our photos) or even a triple bow!  And... if you want to make a "bubble ponytail" (by adding elastics spaced evenly down the hair in your ponytail) these fun bows can be worn all the way down the length of your ponytail.

Quick and easy hair bow video tutorial

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 1 medium size elastic or hair tie. As you can see, we chose a colored elastic this time.  If you don't want the elastic to show, I would recommend using clear or something similar to your hair color.
  • I would recommend using product such as pomade, gel, hair wax etc. (especially if your hair is prone to frizz or flyaways.)

Elastic Wrap Double Hair Bow Hairstyle Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.)

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