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Top Hairstyles of 2014

14 top hairstyles and braids

It has become a yearly tradition for us to go through our tutorials from the past year (52 total!) and choose our favorites for our annual top hairstyles countdown video

Hope you enjoy our 14 favorite hairstyles, braids, and tutorials from 2014.  We hope to see you all in 2015! (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Which was your favorite hairstyle?

Listed below are the 14 hairstyles we chose this year, with links to each tutorial on YouTube:

#14 Ribbon Rainbow Ponytail
#13 Star Flower Bun
#12 Shooting Star Braid
#11 Reverse Pull Through Braid
#10 Fishtail Mermaid Braid
#9 Dutch Rose Braid
#8 Waffle Cone Braid
#7 3 Easy Ponytails
#6 Braided Bubble Bun
#5 3 Strand Fishtail Braid
#4 Arrowhead Braid
#3 Snowflake Hairstyle
#2 Window Braid
#1 Twisted Edge Fishtail Braid

Countdown videos from years past, if you're curios!
2013 favorite hairstyles:
2012 favorite hairstyles:
2011 favorite hairstyles:

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