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Cascading Bows Ponytail Hairstyle

A cute and girly hairstyle.
cascading bows ponytail video tutorial

This tutorial features bows made from hair, cascading down a ponytail.

The basic idea for our video today is based off of some cute hair bows that we first saw on an Instagram account called "kares84." If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you may remember seeing the photo we are referring to (as we shared it a few weeks ago on our pages.) In the original hairstyle, the bows were utilized in a "French bubble braid."  We decided to try them out cascading down a regular ponytail for our video today. 

cute hair bow in a ponytail video tutorial

Of course, you can add as many bows as you want to your style (some of this will depend on the length of hair you are working with.)  As shown in our tutorial below, you can stop at just one (which our princess has named the "eyeglasses ponytail") or you can add several bows down the length of your ponytail.  Also, the strand of hair in the middle of the bow is optional and can be left out or added in, for two different looks.

As shown below... the "eyeglasses ponytail." ;)  This is The Princess's favorite variation of this style!
"eyeglasses" ponytail hairstyle

I think incorporating these bows would make such a cute hairstyle for a flower girl or other special occasion. And really, they are not time consuming to create, so I could see this working as a hairstyle for school mornings... when you want something more than just a standard ponytail. 

ponytail with cascading bows

Supplies needed to create this look:
  • 1 elastic for the top of the ponytail, as well as 1 small elastic for each bow.  (Depending on how you finish each bow, you may need one more elastic to secure the end.)
  • Gel, pomade, finishing hairspray (optional)

Cascading Bows Ponytail Video Tutorial:  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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