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Centipede Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

A 4-Strand Fishtail Braid!
Centipede Braid Hairstyle

Our braiding tutorial today features a beautiful and intricate low side braid which was inspired by an Instagram photo we first saw on an account called "PrincessPunzelsHair." 

This "centipede braid" is created by braiding 4 braids together (3 fishtail braids & 1 regular 3-strand braid) woven into a beautiful 4-strand pattern. If you are on Pinterest or Instagram, you probably remember seeing images of a similar variation of this braid (which was 3 fishtail braids braided together) as it went sort of viral in recent years.  "The Princess" has worn the 3-strand version as well, and it is very pretty.  But we love this 4-strand braid even more!

Centipede Braid

The only "complaint" I have with this braid, is that it does take awhile to complete.  Most of the hairstyles we have shown on this blog are much quicker than they look and I rarely spend more than 5-10 minutes on The Princess's hair. But, that is not the case with this one.  If you have made fishtail braids before.... you know what I am talking about. :) I would plan on a good 20 minutes to complete all of the braiding (especially if you are working with long hair.)  With that said, I think the extra time spent is well worth it, since this braid is just so beautiful and intricate looking!

Four strand fishtail braid, centipede braid

We chose to do a side braid for our video tutorial below, but this braid can be centered at the nape of the neck instead, or placed into a ponytail.  You could also wrap the braid up into a pretty bun... but the pattern is just so gorgeous (and after spending all of that time braiding) I hate to cover it up and prefer to leave this one down to show it off! 

Supplies Needed:
  • 4 temporary hair ties (to hold the ends of the braids while you are working.)
  • 1 clear elastic or hair tie.
  • Gel, water, hair wax, or pomade (optional)

Centipede Braid Video Tutorial:  Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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  1. It's beautiful, like 2 big serpent. I love it!

  2. This is so beautiful. Thank you for the fun idea. My girls always get great comments when we have done one of your hairstyles. I sometimes think I need to carry princess hairstyles business cards in my purse so I can say, here's a great website where we got this harirdo!


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