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Top 12 Hairstyles Of The Year

Annual Year In Review.  Our Top 12 Hairstyles Of 2013 Countdown. 

Please enjoy a look at our top 12 favorite hairstyles from this past year. The links to the tutorials for these braids, buns, and hairstyles are located above the following pictures...

#12 SideSwept Braids And Curls

#11 Fairy Wings Braid

#10 Criss Cross Waterfall Twist

#9 Twist Wrapped Fishtail

#8 Swirling Braids Updo

#7 Twisted Knot Bun

#6 Anna's Coronation Bun (Disney's Frozen)

#5 Arrow Braid and Fishtail Bun

#4 Suspended Fishtail Braid

#3 Feather Chain Braid

#2 Woven Knot Hairstyle

#1 Pinwheel Bun

We're looking Forward To Many More Hairstyles In 2014!  Thanks so much for joining us!!

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