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Picture Day Hairstyles

French Fishtail Braid Bangs & Curls

fishtail braid bangs, picture day hairstyle idea
"The Princess" has school pictures scheduled soon, so I thought some of you probably have them coming up as well.  Today we just wanted to show how the Princess plans on wearing her hair for picture day (and maybe give you some picture day hairstyle ideas.) 
French fishail bangs and curls
We usually try to leave her hair mostly down for pictures (just a personal preference.)  She likes to look back on her photos and remember how long (or short) her hair was at the time.  Also, you could spend a lot of time making the back of her head look cute, but... the back of her head is most likely not going to show up in the photo! So, I think it makes more sense to focus on the font view.

I realize that this hairstyle really isn't anything too exciting.  But, I have found that I'm happier with our pictures years down the road when I stick with simple, classic styles (both with our clothing and with our hair.)

Picture Day Hairstyle Video Tutorial: 
(How to french fishtail bangs (or fringe) and how to curl hair.)

Here's the front view, and what her hair will look like in her 5th grade pics!
picture day hairstyle idea and tutorial
A couple of options:  You could pull all of your hair over to one side for the picture, or leave a little showing on each side.  Whatever you prefer.  ;)
school pictures hairstyle idea

Of course, you could also do a regular French braid, Dutch braid, or French twist (instead of a French fishtail) in the bangs area for a similar look.

*Let us know in the comments how you plan to wear your hair for school pictures this year!

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