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Room Tour, Bedroom Makeover

Girls Room Makeover!
Cute Owl Themed Room Design.
Girl room before and after

 Room Reveal Video (Before and After):

Hope you guys don't mind seeing something different today. I realize it is a little strange to see a room makeover, decorating idea, interior design video on a hairstyling site! We polled our facebook fans and there were quite a few of you who were interested in seeing the princess's "new" bedroom, so we  decided to do a girly room reveal for you! The Princess has pretty much had the same bedroom decor since she was a baby. So, it is time for a change! (Oh, and hair related... please ignore MY hair in this video lol.  I didn't have time for it the day we filmed this.  So, it is in it's natural state, and not so cute.)

Our Princess chose to go with an owl themed bedroom in pink and green.  So fun and girly! 

This is a cute girls room on a budget, as most of these items were purchased at discount stores.  We found the majority of these decorations at Target in their "Love N Nature" collection. 

Hope you enjoyed our before and after!

Room tour, girl bedroom makeover, owl theme

Details on where we found the decor:

*From Target:
"Xhilaration White Ruffle Window Panels"

Wall Art:
Set of 3 pictures (next to window): "Canvas Tiles"  Pink & White Chevron, Green Dot on White, Yellow Dot on White"
"Love N Nature" Owl Pair wall art

"Love N Nature" Quilt Set
"Love N Nature" Owl Pillow

Other items: 
"Love N Nature" Owl Lamp
We also purchased the green area rug at Target, but I'm not sure of the name, sorry!

*From Walmart:
Owl Toothbrush Holder (She is using it on top of her dresser for pens/pencils.)

*From Ebay:

*From Local Shop
Tree Wall Decal (in the corner above her bed.)  I'm pretty sure these can be found in most stores that carry home decor.

*From Tai Pan Trading:
Owl Stuffed Animal (in the swing.)

*From "T shirt quilt company"
Green quilt displaying her little white blessing dress and shoes

Owl Swing
Painted Letters Spelling Her Name

Thanks so much for joining us in our room redo.  We had fun making this video! ;)

PS: We recently made an account on Instagram.  Would love to see you there!

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  1. so cool the room,by the way,is that your daughter's room?

  2. What does it say on the blanket above her blessing dress?

    1. "Nothing in life is better than having a daughter to love and to treasure."

  3. I love it! I counted 10 owls.

    4 on the bed
    2 on the print
    2 on the lamp shade
    1 on the dresser
    1 on the swing

  4. You two are too darn cute! Love all of the little victory dances :)

  5. Hah! I am so glad you took their advice and shared this. I very much enjoyed watching. This room is the dream of every little girl I've ever met!

  6. Oh my gosh, you guys are so cute! Love her room and loved watching the two of you. I was going to click on the ribbon braid tag and saw "room tour" next to it - glad I stumbled upon it!


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