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Winding 4 Strand Braid With Ribbon

4 Strand Winding Braid With Ribbon
(An Elegant Christmas Hairstyle)
christmas hairstyles
snake braid with ribbon
Hey guys, just wanted to share our "Christmas Sunday" hairstyle we did today.  I didn't plan on making a hair tutorial, but this style turned out so lovely, we had to share it!

This hairstyle was created using a basic 4 strand braid called "jewel in the middle" (which you have probably seen before.)  The style is basically a combination of the 2 styles linked below (if you want to recreate it, the videos at these 2 links should help.)

Diagonal Twist Braid With Ribbon

Winding Snake Braid

This is a great hairstyle for Christmas, but of course could also be worn any time.  I'm thinking flower girl, recitals, weddings, dances, etc.

Enjoy, and have a Merry Christmas if we don't see you between now and then!!

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  1. I wish you would make a video on this.. I know how to do both of the braids used but to snake it around and keeping hair for the bottom of the snake I cant get...Love your blog! Thank you for taking time out of your day to post how to's and pics! Merry Christmas!!


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