Oct 1, 2012

How To Pack Jewelry And Hair Accessories, Tangle Free

packing jewelry without tangles

A quick tip, just for fun! This video shows how to pack jewelry and accessories for a vacation without ending up with a huge tangled mess and lost items in your suitcase.  

We actually came across this idea on Pinterest (which was linked to this video by Jessica Gottlieb.)  I thought the idea was genius!  I wish I would have came upon this sooner.

We happen to be going on vacation soon and decided we better share, since we were packing up our stuff anyway. ;)

This would also work great for those of you who sell jewelry or other small items.  I have a friend who sells "Paparazzi Jewelry" and another who makes her own beaded bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to sell.  I thought of both of them when I saw this.  

Oh, and don't worry... we will still be posting a hairstyle later this week (as usual.) Can't wait!