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Braided Bow Hairstyle

The Braided Hair Bow Hairstyle
Inspired by

Cute Bow Hairstyle

The basic concept of this "braided bow" is inspired by a darling hairstyle "the subtle bow" which can be found on our friend Mindy's blog, We have also seen several cute "shoelace" type hair bows on Pinterest lately. Bows made from hair (including the popular Lady Gaga Hairbow) seem to be very trendy right now! The princess loves wearing hairstyles featuring these cute bows, but the problem we have had is keeping the bow intact... especially all day at school. We decided to try creating a bow made with braids to see what it would look like (thinking it might be more sturdy.) We really like how easy and quick this cute hairstyle is, and how well it held up.  We have found this bow to stay in place all day long with just 2 bobby pins!  

hair bow top view
Braided Bow Hairstyle - Top View
Bow Hairstyle Made From Braids
Braided Bow - Close Up
After making the braided bow, we added a few curls with our curling iron (to just the top layer of her hair.)  The method we used can be found at this link:  How to make curling iron ringlets.

This hairstyle is casual enough for every day wear and would be a darling back to school hairstyle, maybe even a hairstyle for picture day?  I could also see this working for a special occasion such as a flower girl, church, recital, etc. 

Braided Bow Hairstyle With Curls

If you prefer not to leave your daughter's hair down, you could add a quick side ponytail for another variation. Now that the Princess's hair is getting longer, it really helps cut down on tangles and knots if we keep her hair somewhat tied back (especially on windy days.)

Braid Bow With Side Ponytail

Video Tutorial: 
How to make braided bow made from hair.

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  1. I definitely have to try that on my princess soon!!
    It looks awesome!!

  2. I absolutely love ur tutorials!

  3. I really like this hair due I would love to try it on my Baby girl but her hair is to short maybe when her hair is longer but I would try it on my cousin

  4. Hi!! I´m Carmela from Spain. I found your blog and I love your work. Your turorials are so easy, very well explicated.
    Sorry but my english it´s so bad.
    Can you instal a traductor in the web?
    Thank you!!

  5. Hey there! Just stopping by to say hi! I always love seeing what amazing things you are up to! I'm amazed as always! Keep it up girl! Have a great one!
    Shaunell @

  6. How old is the princess??? Or would you rather not reveal that? She has really nice hair btw and it looks really silky. If you see this message please tell her. Thank you!!!

  7. wow her hair is so smooth luv'd it....<3

  8. i luv it gotta try it out

  9. its adorable
    tell ur daughter she has STUNNING hair


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