Mar 28, 2012

Double Braided Headband Hairstyle

Bohemian Braids and Beachy Waves

bohemian braids
This "Bohemian hairstyle" is very similar to a braided hairdo we did awhile back in picture form and have been wanting to do a video for you (it's one of our favorites.) The original style, which is slightly different, can be found here: Tween braids. We've had some requests for more "grown up styles." I'm thinking this braided headband could work for moms, teens, and girls... all ages! I'm loving the relaxed, beachy, and bohemian look. A perfect hairstyle for spring and summer 2012!

The princess was wanting "beachy waves" so, we made some waves by braiding her hair the night before. This style is versatile andcould definitely work with straight or curly hair as well. If you would rather put your hair up, you could finish this off with a braid or messy bun instead of leaving the hair down like we did.
beachy waves and braids

Braided Headband Video Tutorial:

I'm sure you are probably wondering about the darling beaded headband we used in this style, right? We found it at Lilla Rose.