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Winding Snake Braid

Zig Zag Winding Lace Braid... Or Snake Braid!
zig zag french braidThis winding braid, or snake braid (as my daughter likes to call it) is inspired by a picture that was shared and requested on our facebook page. I have also seen variations of this style on Pinterest, Tumblr and.... around the web.
snake braidWe used a dutch lace braiding technique this time. But, this style could also be made with a french lace braid if you prefer. If you want the braids to be more messy or soft looking (which is very popular right now) you could definitely loosen them up by using the technique shown at this link: Loosening A Braid
cascading french braidI think this style is very elegant and would be beautiful for a wedding, flower girl, Prom, church, or other special occasion.

Winding Snake Braid Video Tutorial:

And, just for fun..... here's a more practical variation of the style that would work for every day, or school days. I don't know about you, but when we leave "The Princess's" hair down for school, she usually comes home in a tangled mess. So, gathering the hair into a braid on the side would help to keep everything in place for a long day at school.
snake braid side ponytailAs you can see, we made a french lace braid across the front and then using the same technique shown in our video above, turned the braid back towards the other side. This time we brought in all of the remaining hair with each strand instead of leaving some hair hanging underneath the braid.
french braid side ponytail(These last two pictures above were actually taken quite awhile ago.) It's another one of those hairstyles we found on a card that we never posted. It's been fun digging these up!

Btw, we have another cute variation of this style recorded and will be uploading it soon, so keep an eye out for that! :)

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  1. Love this braid and the variation for school is very necessary, lol! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. Hi, I had an idea. So you know how you did a woven Easter basket hairstyle? What if instead of using the whole head, you just made it like a woven headband? I know this is confusing, but I think it will work.


  3. Just tried it, looks cool!

  4. I saw this type of braid on Pinterest. It looks so hard to do! Very beautiful!

  5. I ADORE this! I tried to French braid my daughter's hair this morning for school... It was a HOT MESS!

    I need to watch some tutorials... I am a braiding failure!

  6. This braid is very pretty . I LOVE it !

  7. love this website im 11 and i can do almost everything from this website and do it on most of my friends

    1. I'm can I, and I have also adopted most of the hairstyles on this site to be able to do them on myself (they look a little lopsided, though...)

  8. those braids could do better ! <3

  9. I love this Braid ...I tried it ..and was able to make it on my first turn..:)
    Everybody Loved it ... btw I love this Site..:)

  10. I love this braid! I tried it on my hair and loved it! My hair is also very long and fine. So I worked all of my hair into a snake braid similar to the one your daughter wore to school. It took awhile but I managed to make it pretty windy! I'm a big fan of braids, because with them I don't have a rat's nest by the end of the day. I’m so grateful to you for sharing the many beautiful braids you do on your daughter. I look forward to always trying out more. :)


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