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French Braid With Beads Hairstyle

I'm thinking this french braid hairstyle (or dutch braid) would be perfect for a holiday or other special occasion. Maybe a Christmas party or New Years? The best part is that this hairstyle looks fancy, but it's fairly easy and quick (if you know how to french braid.) :)
A side ponytail with some added bohemian braid flair!
If I do this hair style again, I'll probably start the braid closer to the side part and more towards the front of her head (so that the braid and beads are more noticeable from the front.)

Here's the video instruction, tutorial. (You will need a necklace to complete this hairstyle. We found ours in the toy section at Walmart for less than one dollar.)
As a side note: I have not tried this hairstyle on curly hair. The necklace slipped right out of the princess's hair when we were done and didn't tangle at all. BUT I can imagine with curly hair you may have a problem with the necklace getting tangled up and giving you trouble, so be careful. :) You could also use a ribbon instead of a necklace if you wanted to.

Have fun with this holiday french braid hairstyle!

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  1. That's a cute way to jazz up a side pony! I love it!! Thanks!

  2. ooohww I love this version!
    Lately we've been doing the 'half braid' a lot, simply cause I can't seem to do the 'complete french braid'. And this combination will be a perfect hairdo for xmas or any other party! love it! thank you for the inspiration!

  3. this is beautiful! Perfect for Holiday parties :)

  4. Looks great! I totally wanted to ask you to do my hair this weekend.

  5. Cool look. I will have to try this one.

  6. This is the best hairstyle website ever!!! LOVE IT!

  7. Cute!! and so creative! Definitely will have to try it...on our curly hair! :D

  8. Hey!
    I LOVE your hair blog! I think this hairstyle is really cute! I want to try it, but my computer won't let me. Don't go fretting, it's just my computer (I know I kind of get stressed when viewers can't see my videos, so don't worry about it!). Oh, I thought I'd tell you that I'm having a giveaway! I would be super HONORED if you entered.


  9. Can you please delete my comment above ASAP!

  10. I love this version! Thanks for sharing you talents.

  11. I love this hairstyle. I got to thinking that it might be really cute if you parted it down the middle and did two of the braids and then once you get to the bottom where you don't grab more hair, just regular braid, using the beads/hair and then pull it all to the back with one pony tail. I think I'll try that one myself. You could even pull all the hair up into a messy type of ball and spray out the hair.

  12. Nice hairstyle! I like it and I will definitely try this one. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This could be great for any holiday! You could just change the color. This is so adorable.

  14. So cute, thanks for the tutorial!!! I can't wait to try this one for Mardi Gras!


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