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Back To School Basic Hairstyles - Part 2

A few more quick and easy ideas to add to our back to school hairstyles collection. Enjoy! :)

We're calling this hairstyle on the left "hippy braids." I think not braiding all the way to the middle gives it a fun and fresh look. And on the right, a simple french braid with a ponytail.
hippy braids

A dutch braid headband with a messy braid bun.

French braid in front to a messy bun on the side.

Twist braid bun with a ribbon headband.

The hairstyle image on the left is basically this french braid hairstyle, just made with a ponytail instead of a half pony. The image on the right is a quick twist braid and some sidewinders.

Both sides pulled back with clips on the left (with face painting. ;) And a sidewinder with curls made from braids on the right.

Well, that was fun. Nothing new or extravagant, but sometimes quick and simple can be good too! I've found that when we're really in a rush before school, a cute hair accessory can make all the difference (even with a plain ponytail.)

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. These hairstyles are perfect for school days. I love the first one especially!

  2. Thanks for all the cute, easy, and quick styles!

  3. Wow those are so cute!! I wish I could do them on myself! Your little girls are adorable, though I will warn you that when they are adults, they will have HUGE foreheads if you keep on putting their hair up so tight. Sorry if this offends you!
    - Kat

  4. That is so true. She also looks good with loose hair. No offense!


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