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Sarah Michelle Gellar Inspired Boho Hairstyle

We love the Bohemian Braid hairstyles that are so popular right now. The Princess has requested several "Boho Braid" hairdos we've seen around. But I've had a hard time finding many that will work with her new bob haircut.

Then, we saw this bohemian braided hairstyle on Sarah Michelle Gellar and decided we might be able to make it work...
sarah michelle gellar hairstyle sarah michelle gellar bohemian braid

I didn't make our braids as messy or tossled looking though. I've found that when I try to make things "messy cute" it usually just turns out looking MESSY and not so cute lol. If you want your braids to look more like Sarah's, try braiding textured hair when it's dry, and keep it loose.

So you start by making an inside-out french braid on both sides of her head, in the front. And tie each braid off with an elastic.
Then add some loose curls in the back, for texture. I just used our curling iron and some hairspray to create these curls.
Next I took the top section of the curls (not neatly, just use your hands and kind of grab a section like you are making a half pony) and bring the braids underneath, tying them together with an elastic at the back. As you can see, we barely had enough length to join the two braids together...
Now bring the hair from the top loosely together into a half pony over the braids and add an elastic. Don't worry about making it perfect looking.
We obviously don't have enough length in the back to create a traditional messy bun. So, I just pulled random pieces of hair up and pinned them into place with crossed bobby pins....
There is no exactness to this part. Just keep grabbing chunks of hair and pinning them until you are happy with it! Don't even worry about the bobby pins showing either. It adds to the cuteness in my opinion.
So anyway, here is the end result of our improvised messy bun for short hair!

I really should have taken a picture of this hair style at the end of the day. It ended up looking so cute after she had been playing. It just got cuter and cuter as it loosened up and got messed up a bit.
messy bun for short hair
bohemian braid
bohemian hairstyle
sarah michelle gellar hairdo Btw, unrelated to our little girls hairstyle...... do you love this tutu as much as I do? Details on where it came from and how it was made later on this week!
pettiskirt tutu

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  1. Sooooo cute!! I have got to try this!

  2. Very cute! Can you come over and do my hair also? ;)

  3. That style looks really cute with her short hair! And I love the tutu :)

  4. I would (and probably will) do this in my hair!

  5. You are so talented! I love it!

  6. Haha, I know what you mean - when I try to make my hair "Messy cute" sometimes it just looks like a mess. LOL!

  7. My mother never took the time to do my hair. So I am not a girlie girl. I was sad that I would never be able to teach my daughter girlie things. But, your blog has inspired me. The kids loved her hair yesterday. Tomorrow Im going to try this hairdo. Ive never done french braids before but watched a tutorial....Its so exciting to pick out a hairdo with my daughter:)

    Thank you again.

  8. my daughter is a "fawning lady" in The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood. We did this hairstyle for her to wear to rehearsal today. She has naturally curly hair so it was soo simple to do and it turned out so cute! I think this may be my first actual comment but my 5 and 7 year olds and I LOVE your site and we use it so often. I will say though, if you can find a model to help you out sometimes with naturally curly hair, and have a few tutorials specific to curly hair my DD 7 and I would appreciate it. There are so many styles on here that she loves but I have to explain to her that it won't come out the same way on her hair, which makes her sad.

  9. wow love the hairstyle for dance class! and i love the picture of your daughter in a red tutu


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