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Ultimate Blog Party

There is a week long Blog Party going on at 5 MINUTES FOR MOM which I'm so excited to be joining in on! There are lots of prizes to give away at the end of the week and of course the perk of finding new blogs to read as well. Interested in joining the fun? Everyone is invited. Click on this banner for details. :)

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Also, just wanted to extend a huge welcome to all the party goers who may stop by! We're glad you dropped in on "Princess Hairstyles." If you have a "Princess" in your life who likes to have her hair done, feel free to come back and visit us any time for hairstyle ideas!

Happy Blog Hopping!!!!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. Stopping by from UPB! I looove these great hair tutorials! My little girl barely has enough hair to brush, but someday I'll be able to use all these directions :-)

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  3. Hi, happy friday. Just stopping by from UBP11. This blog is fantastic. Hope to be here more often.

  4. Hi! I'm following you from the UBP11! I look forward to reading more! I would love it if you would follow back at one or all three of my blogs :)

  5. Your blog is truly unique. I'm going to look at that Barbie hairstyle RIGHT NOW!

    Stopping in from UBP! Please come and visit my post too! We have a big $208 Giveaway. Love for you to enter and to get to know our blog!

    The Chief Blonde
    Still Blonde after all these YEARS

  6. So excited to see you at the UBP. I've been watching your blog for years. I have a three year old and can't wait to start playing more and more with her hair.

  7. Hey girl! I love your blog and hairstyles.

  8. This is amazing Love your blog. Find me at
    P.S. Also if you can find a minute and vote for me as elenka29 here
    (it's a competition to get into fitness bootcamp. There is no registration - just click and submit). Looking forward to reading more of your posts

  9. I have just become your number one follower!! My 7 year old daughter is such a little drama queen when it comes to her hair and she is now going to be very happy!! UBP11!!

  10. I am your newest fan from the Ultimate Blog Party 2011. I would really appreciate it if you follow me back through Google Connect Friend. I have a lot of contest going on Madame Deals. $25 amazon gift card, Vera Bradley purse, $100 in jewelry, 200 cut coupons, bare minerals gift pack, $30 for an organic outfit, $75 P&G products, and the chance to win $1000. Thank you Amee

  11. I don't have a princess - but rather a Prince - he was the frog prince in the Brothers Grimm play at his school a few weeks ago :-)

    Hope you are enjoying the party!!

  12. I’m a new follower from UBP11. I just wanted to say hello.


  13. Hi! I'm stopping by from the UBP - trying to visit all on the link for Christian blogs by the end of the day (but I'm not going straight down the list so I still have quite a few to go!). I'm #73 (Being Made New - I hope you might be able to pop in at my place sometime soon.

  14. stopping by from the UBP the hair style is adorable I am now following you would love to have you follow me


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